Sports Therapy

The care you deserve !

Whether your concerned about prevention of injury or rehabilitation we are here to get you back to your optimum level of functionality no matter the age or ability.

Pain isn’t normal for any type of exercise or sport however it is common. We have helped all types of athletes’ whether it’s preparation for training, competition or work.

Injuries can be caused by many things and can be the smallest of pains and aches or muscular dysfunction resulting in a huge set back to your goal. Our sports therapy process begins with a full assessment to determine what has been injured and how it occurred.

The rehabilitation process starts from the first consultation through to the return of the fully functional athlete plus aftercare.
We aim to make a setback a strong comeback. Here at healthandbodylondon, we are dedicated tin building long-lasting relationships based on trust and medical integrity with every single patient.

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Sports Massage

Helping you get Healthy !

Our massages are not only for treating a variety of pains, injures, aches and other conditions but also used for improving the healing process following an injury or just a simple massage to get relief from sore muscles around the body. We offer massages not only to athletes but also non athletes.

Sports inures are commonly caused by problems and imbalances in the soft tissue which causes discomfort due to strenuous physical activity that is repetitive.

This can be caused by pushing our bodies both in sport and exercise and even work life which slowly but eventually causes certain areas of the body to disturb day to day life. With our full assessment in your first visit we identify the pains location, find the causes then start with the recovery and relaxation process in turn allowing you to train harder and improve your working and sporting life.

Healthandbodylondon is the place for you if you want a sports massage prior to and after exercise leaving you with enhanced performance, aided recovery and prevention of injury.

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Personal Training

The Attention you deserve !

Whether it’s losing weight, burning fat, building muscle or genera fitness we have you covered. We have qualified personal trainers that are ready and waiting to help you reach your goals.

We work closely with gyms across London to provide clients with the highest quality of equipment’s and convenience.

We understand that we all have goals or achievements that we want to reach whether it’s from a professional body builders to first time gym members we all sometime need that helping hand,

Our personal trainers treat each client’s individually, giving a full assessment into a variety of factors such as age, diet, experience allowing us to create a bespoke training programme which is crucial to achievement those long awaiting goals.

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Taking Care of You !

We view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. Acupressure is just one of our many procedures we perform.

Acupressure can be used for a variety of symptoms. When specific acupressure points around the body are stimulated they improve circulation of blood, reduce muscular tension and promotes the body’s healing ability.

The acupressure therapy we provide can vary from pain relief, detoxing the body for promoted health and beauty through to strengthening of the sexual reproductive system.

Acupressure Therapy strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness.

Your health deserves proper care and attention and we are able to provide.

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See and feel the results !

We provide the famous and internationally known cupping.

Cupping is a procedure where you create suction or a vacuum in a cup
to create negative pressure.

There are many reasons why cupping is carried out worldwide and even celebrities are are commonly using this method. such purposes it can help with are pain, blood flow , inflammation, relaxation and well being.

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Whether you are looking to become a mobile therapist, work in a salon, or clinic or just earn a little extra income they offer a diverse range of training courses and qualifications to help you achieve your dreams.

With years of experience and the support top business coaches post learning you will be thrilled with the training you choose.

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